Hey there, I’m Shahna Sarpi

A qualified Nutritionist, healthy lifestyle advocate and food lover. I’m passionate about helping you live a nourished life!

Project Nourish is an online space that I have created to share:

  • Wholesome recipes, created with love

  • My knowledge about food and nutrition

  • Advice on how to live a life of holistic health

  • Wellness tips and tricks

Here, we’ll go back to our roots and explore ways of living a more natural life through informed food choices, healthy lifestyle decisions and empowered thinking.


There are many different facets to living life to our greatest potential; I call them the:


I believe that nourishing ourselves comes down to everything that we do. Be it the food we eat, places we go, work we do, experiences we have, things we surround ourselves with, or people we spend time around; we are the totality of all of these things.


This is a space that facilitates our journey towards a nourished life, empowering us to live our best life at our optimal health, through education and inspired action.


Where it all started…

Growing up I was never that interested in vegetables, or food. If anything, I had a negative relationship with food, even going through periods of calorie counting and dieting. I had irregular sleeping patterns and was even a party girl for a while, sorry liver.

It took me going vegetarian as a random New Years resolution one year for me to start paying attention to the food that I was putting onto my plate. From here, I realised how little I knew about food and what it was doing for my body and my health.

Before I knew it, I was reading nutrition textbooks for fun and researching everything I could find on all topics holistic health. It was a no-brainer to change my studies from marketing at the time, to something I was more aligned with. I then went on to study a bachelor of health science, more specifically Nutritional Medicine. 

Through my studies and personal research, I came to learn how important each and every aspect of our lives is in impacting our quality of life. I continue to be fascinated by the abundance of tools and resources that nature has to offer and I enjoy educating others about how they can utilise these to change their life for the better.

Where I am now…

By day I work at the successful online health and fitness program, 28 by Sam Wood. Here I help support people on their wellness journey, assisting with meal planning and overall nutrition support. 

By night I work on all things Project Nourish. Some nights, this looks like recipe developing, brainstorming, photo editing, writing, creating content or planning. Other nights involve cook ups, food styling and photography. Many nights involve a bit of everything! I’m in my element when I can combine my creativity and love of health and nutrition.

I can’t imagine my life if I had not found my passion for all things health and wellbeing.

With a desire to continue learning, create wholesome recipes and share my passion, this website was born. It has become my goal to utilise my knowledge to inspire and inform you, so that together we can live a nourished life!


My Food Philosophy

When it comes to eating I believe we should keep it real and simple, I'm a big lover of food and love getting creative in the kitchen. You can read all about my food philosophy and the rules I live by to stay nourished and help my body thrive over here.


Let's get to know each other better via my foodie and personal instagram accounts, and my facebook page.

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