As a multi-passionate Nutritionist, I work with individuals, brands and businesses to offer a number of services including:

  • Recipe Development

    I create recipes that are designed to meet your needs or requirements, whatever they may be.

    I’ve worked with individuals to create recipes based on their preferences or allergies, with brands to make recipes that incorporate their product, and with businesses to develop recipes for their clients and programs.

    Depending on what you’re after, I also offer food photography and styling services, so you can have the complete package for your brand new recipe.

  • Meal Planning

    If you’re someone that struggles knowing what to eat, or have a goal you’d like to achieve and need guidance around how to eat to get there, I can help! I offer meal planning services of your required length and will build it around any nutritional requirements and preferences you may have.

    I also work with businesses, including gyms, yoga studios and other health and wellbeing businesses, to write meal plans and recipes for their clients.

  • Content Creation

    Whether you need an educational article or an entire nutrition program, I create a wide array of content and would love to hear your idea and help bring it to life. Social media content is another service I offer and I’ve worked with brands to capture photographs of their products for them to share.

  • Public Speaking

    I have experience working with companies to educate their staff or customers in the fields of nutrition, holistic health, business and leadership. Some examples of work I have done in the past are presentations, workshops, cooking demonstrations and cooking classes. I’d love to hear how I can work with you to educate and inspire others through one of my talks.

Get in touch to find out more and register your interest. I'd love to work with you!

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